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Serious incident with a Piper PA-28 aircraft at Gothenburg / Säve airport

An aircraft with registration SE-KIU went in for landing at Säve Airport. The pilot had pre-registered his visit and received permission from the air traffic control to land on runway 01.

The first part of runway 01 is closed and is no longer part of the airport's runway system. The runway is marked with white crosses and a fence separates it from the part of the runway that is still used as a runway. The closed part of the runway is now used for car tests.

The aircraft landed on the closed section, ie. before what now constitutes runway 01. There were no people on the runway and the pilot managed to brake before the aircraft reached the fence that separates the closed part of the runway from runway 01.


Jonas Bäckstrand

Investigator in charge

Gideon Singer

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15 November 2023