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Serious incident with an aircraft of the model Cessna 172S during flighttraining in the southwest of Norway.

During instrumentflighttraining the student and his instructor flew into thunderstorms with conditions that led to the risk of icing. The aircraft, which is not certified for flight under such conditions, soon became covered by ice and the crew felt that the ability to control the aircraft was severely affected as a result. However, the crew was helped by the air traffic control to change route and come down to lower altitude whereupon the ice disappeared. They could then perform a normal landing. SHK has been informed of the incident because the flight school in question has a Swedish ATO permit.

The incident is being investigated by the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board. The accident investigator Sakari Havbrandt has been appointed as an accredited representative for Sweden.

Chairperson in Sweden

Helene Arango Magnusson

Accredited representative

Sakari Havbrandt

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15 November 2023