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Accident in the arctic north of Sweden to a Canadair CRJ 200 aircraft (SE-DUX)

A Mayday call was received shortly after midnight on 8 January 2016 from a cargo aircraft on route from Oslo to Tromsö in Norway with two crew on board. The aircraft disappeared from radar screens approximately at the same time. The accident site was localized west of the lake Akkajaure, about 200 km northwest of Gällivare.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (SHK) has investigated the accident. The aircraft was equipped with two recorders (black boxes). One is a Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and records audio in the cockpit. The other is a Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and records technical data of the flight. The CVR and the FDR were recovered and the stored information was retrieved.

SHK has recovered parts of the aircraft wreckage.

SHK has been cooperating in the investigation with the corresponding authorities in Norway, Canada, USA, France and Spain.

The 9 March 2016 SHK published an interim report containing information about the progress of the investigation. The final report was published the 12 December 2016.


Jonas Bäckstrand

Investigator in charge

Nicolas Seger

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