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Technical error during flight with helicopter by Umeå airport

When the Swedish Maritime Administration’s rescue helicopter (SE-JRH) was returning back to base at Umeå airport, the crew experienced failure indication on the anti-icing system “FIPS Tail Rotor”. After landing they found that the slipring had come loose from its bolted bracket and was only held in place by cables.

The slipring is mounted between the tail rotor gearbox and tail rotor, adjacent to the tail rotor, with a fixed part and a moving part. The parts transfer electrical power to the anti-icing system.

Had the slipring come in contact with the tail rotor the event had with high probability developed into an accident. SHK has therefore assessed the occurrence as a serious incident.


Mikael Karanikas

Investigator in charge

Stefan Carneros

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21 November 2023