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5 December 2023

Uppdated information and contact information

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (SHK) has decided to investigate the serious accident that occurred in Örebro.

13 July 2021

SHK has completed the on site investigation at Örebro and the wreckage has been brought to SHK's facilities in Strängnäs for further examination. The investigation is expected to continue for a long period. During the initial stage the focus will be on collecting as much facts as possible of relevance for the occurrence. When the fact-finding phase is near completion, the process enters the analytical phase. The aim of the analysis is to clarify the course of event, identify the factors that affected the course and its consequences, identify any safety deficiencies and, if possible, determine the causes of the event.

Contact person for media regarding this investigation: Mr Peter Swaffer, Head of department, civil aviation, peter.swaffer(at)havkom.se, +46 8 508 862 11.