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Collision between tugboat and car carrier in the port of Malmö

Approaching the port of Malmö the car carrier ASIAN BREEZE was assisted by two tugboats. During connection of the towing line the tugboat BONDEN came too close to the car carrier and its bulb hit BONDEN’s propeller.

BONDEN lost its manoeuvrability and was pushed around the bulb of the car carrier and shuffled along its starboard side. The second tugboat steered away to avoid colliding with BONDEN. As a result of the collision the car carrier got a crack in the bulb with water penetration into its ballast tank.

SHK has assessed the occurrence as a serious marine accident that could have led to a very serious marine accident.


Helene Arango Magnusson

Investigator in charge

Rikard Sahl

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4 December 2023