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Collision between a commuter train and a shunting train in Helsingborg

A train would be shunted from one track to another. The train driver called the dispatcher and was told that the dwarf signals would be set in "movement authorised". The driver started driving and he perceived that the dwarf signal to the main signal and the following signal 116 showed " movement authorised ". Once he had passed the main signal, he discovered that the signal 116 showed "stop" and that the switch was in the wrong direction. He then stopped and called the dispatcher. The shunting train had already passed the main signal and reached the train path for an arriving commuter train. The commuter train and the shunting train collided with the right part of the fronts against each other, including damage to both trains on windows, brakes and shafts. 155 passengers were evacuated. Some of the passengers suffered minor injuries


Helene Arango Magnusson

Investigator in charge

Alexander Hurtig

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23 November 2023